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Solar Farm Solution

New Solar, as a financier & developer, develops solar farms from hundreds of kilowatts to tens of mega watts in size. These solar farms generate electricity from sunlight and directly feed into the power grid. New Solar offers total turn-key solution from project financing, regulatory filings, site selection, technology selection, system design, construction and maintenance. Our project team has rich experiences in solar farm design, construction and maintenance.

Commercial Solution

Solar energy system has become an extremely attractive financial investment to business owners. We have developed systems from tens of kilowatts to hundreds of kilowatts for a number of commercial customers. We help you to locate financing, and you do not need to put up any upfront investment. More importantly, you will enjoy attractive positive cash flow from the system for many years to come. How could anyone afford to ignore this type of low-risk high-return financial investment? You need to act today!
Residential Solution

In the past, solar energy has been too expensive and too complex. With financial incentives from your government and local utility, your residential solar energy ownership becomes very attractive. New Solar offers a hassle-free, one-stop solar energy solution to fit your needs. Don't miss this great environmental friendly investment opportunity. To learn more, contact New Solar today!

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