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New Solar, as a financier & developer, develops solar power plants from hundreds of kilowatts to tens of mega watts. We bring in our financial investors to invest in these solar power plant projects. We secure a long-term contract with the local utility to purchase the solar electricity with a pre-negotiated rate. We conduct an on-site assessment of your energy needs and solar production potential. Based on these assessments, New Solar designs a power system that utilizes the best combination of the latest technologies. We manage the entire development including site selection, environmental studies, engineering design, construction, logistics, warehousing, and utility grid connection. After we activate your system, we also monitor and maintain the system to deliver optimal performance at all times.

Some of the key benefits for our utility-scale customers include the following:

  • Integrated proposal with financial investment from our investors
  • Great financial return for the stake holders
  • Maximize solar investment credits, government, and utility solar incentives
  • Deployment of advanced and reliable solar technology
  • Deliver clean energy to fulfill government requirements for renewable energy
  • Clear community statement for renewable energy and sustainability initiatives
  • Careful analysis of transmission needs and environmental concerns
  • On-going reliable maintenance and management of the solar power plant

If you are planning a large solar power plant for your communities, you should talk to us. We have the experience and resources to help you get the job done.


Technology Options
In general, the following technology is applicable to solar power plant open field installation. Our friendly staff is more than happy to explain the details to you.

  • Solar photovoltaic system with crystalline silicon solar modules
  • Solar photovoltaic system with thin-film solar modules
  • Concentrated solar photovoltaic system
  • Concentrated solar thermal system

We help our customers to select the best combination of technologies and financial parameters that can deliver the most value and performance. We optimize the technology mix to meet our customers' requirements on return-on-investment, power production, reliability, and schedule.

Installation Options
Our team is experienced in designing and constructing many different types of mounting system for you, including:

  • Fixed ground mount system
  • Tracking ground mount system

Are you ready to build your power plant? Contact us to put together a detail execution plan for your project.

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