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Ontario Canada passed the "Green Energy and Green Economy Act" into law in May 2009. With this new law, the Ontario government established North America's first comprehensive guaranteed pricing structure for renewable electricity production.

Project Financing
New Solar will help you to finance the project with a number of options. With financing, your project can be a no-money-down investment for you. You can make hundreds of thousands of dollars * over the next twenty years. Here are some sample project returns:
project_sample     project_sample
Note*: Your actual return may vary.

New Solar develops the specific proposal that fits your needs. This business model includes financing options from our investors and creditors, and where necessary, a Solar Power Purchase Agreement. Our overall plan requires unique financial relationships and a complex set of capabilities that few other companies have.

Financial Incentives
In Sep 2009, Ontario launched Canada's first feed-in tariff (FIT) solar program that rewards participants with guaranteed pricing for solar electricity. It offers stable prices under long-term contracts for energy generated from solar energy systems in Ontario. The Ontario Power Authority is responsible for implementing the program. There is the Micro-FIT program for small installation, and FIT program for larger systems. There are different payback rates based on the type of installation and the size of the system.


Program Outline
We offer a comprehensive one-stop shop to build your solar energy system. Your system will be advanced, high performance, good value, and reliable for years to come.

Our team will go through the following steps to develop your solar project. Some of the steps may be optional based on the type of projects (such as residential projects) and the locations of the projects.

Evaluation and Analysis
We start each project with a careful discussion with our customer to evaluate the proposed site situation, analyze the feasibility of such a system, and propose all options for our customer to consider for building a green energy environment. We will carry out:

  • Analysis of project viability at potential sites
  • Energy audit to pinpoint solar system requirement
  • Identify other possible green energy improvements

Project Development and Engineering Design
After matching customer's expectation with our initial assessment, we proceed to develop a detail plan of execution, and prepare all other necessary approvals, to build an efficient reliable solar energy system:

  • Overall project development and management
  • Proposal of financing options
  • Application for Feed-in-tariff, where applicable
  • Application for government and utility incentives
  • Negotiating Solar Power Purchase Agreement, if needed
  • Permitting with local authorities
  • Environmental and feasibility study, if needed
  • System engineering design

Construction, Inspection, and Certification
After our customer's approval to proceed with the contract, and obtaining all necessary financial contracts and government permits, we carry on to implement our advanced system:

  • Component sourcing
  • Construction, logistics, and warehousing
  • System commission
  • Passing local authorities inspection
  • Certification for incentives or Renewable Energy Credit

Monitoring, Maintenance, and Promotion
After the system is build, we continue to provide our customer with professional support:

  • Ongoing system monitoring, and maintenance
  • Marketing promotional support

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