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Make millions of dollars over the next 25 years!

By building your own solar energy systems with all the government and utility incentives, New Solar can help you make thousands to millions of dollars over the next 25 years! And you help to build our new green living environment! It is a win-win for all of us, Click here for more.

Need financing? No money-down investment.

No problem, New Solar brings financing to your solar projects. For commercial and residential owners, your system becomes a no money-down investment. Click here for more.

Building a big system?

Whether you are planning a tens-of-megawatts solar power plant for your city or large systems for multiple building roof-tops, you should talk to us. We have the experience and resources to help you get the job done.

Why New Solar?

New Solar is a global project financier & developer of solar systems and solar power plants. We offer a comprehensive one-stop shop to build your solar energy system. A clean energy system that helps you make money and generate great return on your investment. Your system will be advanced, high performance, good value, and reliable for years to come. Our friendly staff will explain to you various technology trade-offs, and help you optimize the best combination of technologies. We use only industry-leading reliable components, and our team members are licensed and experienced.

It is that easy! Contact us now for an on-site presentation and evaluation.


"By selecting New Solar's solution, we more than cover our electric bill and generate positive cash flow. We enjoy an excellent return on our investment!"

Restaurant owner of Sam's Chowder House, Half Moon Bay, California.


New Solar develops grid-tied solar farm solutions ranging from hundreds of kilowatts to tens of megawatts in size. Our experienced design and project teams provide services in financing, site clearance, regulatory compliance, permitting, system design and construction.

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We specialize in commercial buildings, malls, and warehouses of all sizes. As a business building owner, you reduce your electric bill and enjoy an excellent return on your investment.

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Lower your electric bill and protect our environment. New Solar offers the most cost-effective solar solution for your homes of any sizes. Sit back and relax, while we give you a complete hassle-free solution.

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